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dotted polyester

Print test for River Island Menswear/Prints competition

Ghostly lines hovering above layers of fragmented shapes and colours. Incalculable dots mixing with splashes of abstracted pigmentation. Dark colours with invigorating neon shades. All blended as if they are meant to be together.

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shelter paper bug


It was a normal and rather wet day. A man walked out of the house wearing his second-hand garments, trying to dodge the rain. Who knew a ladybird would brighten his day, especially when patterns for his toile is cluttering his brain.

colour overdose

competition prints

Preliminary works for the River Island Menswear Prints competition/project. Still debating whether to use them or not as they seem very amateur-ish. Watch this space.


Constructing red wine dress for FMP (foundation year)

Constructing red wine dress for FMP (foundation year)

Founded (from my blogspot site) and chosen by the managing director of the publisher Ivy Group for a possible book project titled ‘The Practical Fashion Bible’. Hopefully, the book will be approved as it will be a good exposure for me. Check out the rest of the images.