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art: 16 m by LOS CARPINTEROS

The tunnel-like hole destructs the consistency and calmness of the methodical and orderly hanged garments. Extraordinary work by Los Carpinteros (via peterkilchmann.com)

sound sculptures by BYOUNGHO KIM

Found via The Cool Hunter, Byoungho Kim‘s sound sculptures are impressive, visually and conceptually. Sound is part of Kim’s work, which is created by the ‘vibration through frequency modulation’ of the electronic components used to make his art works.

Images via bitpaste.com (Byoungho Kim’s website)


Using plaster, paint, rubber, fabric and foam; artist Daniel Arsham transformed and gave character to these blank walls. The minimalist fluidity of his work applied to the walls create a surreal and playful atmosphere.

Images via danielarsham.com


Recently exhibited at Hackney Downs Studios as part of ‘Once Upon in Wintertime’ group exhibition. Aptly titled ‘Continuous’, Lorna Pridmore cleverly and painstakingly used drawing pins to create this extraordinary piece. Repetitively applied, turning a collection of ordinary objects into a spectacular sculpture, the drawing pins resemble a serpent’s scales, which relates to one of the artist’s inspirations – the Ouroboros, ‘an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail’

sculpture: DAVID MACH

I got slightly obsessive with David Mach after seeing his sculpture in the Power of Making exhibition (which is on until 2 January 2012) at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), showcasing an impressive sculpture made out of hundreds of coathangers – constructing something amazing out of ordinary objects. Check his collection of coathangers sculpture HERE.

LORNA PRIDMORE’s kirby grips

Lorna Pridmore has recently unveiled her new artwork – a marvelous sculpture made entirely of kirby grips – at the Tower Hamlets Spring Open exhibition. She got hold of over 24 thousand hair grips and decided to create something otherworldly. Mysterious and beautiful, fragile-looking yet surprisingly sturdy, the untitled piece was constructed without the use of any adhesives or any fastenings, which makes it even more fantastic.


Lorna Pridmore - 'Untitled'

Lorna Pridmore

Mark Selby - Listen To Me

Mark Selby

Julia Crabtree and William Evans - 'Untitled'

Lee Holden - 'Untitled'

Toby Poolman - 'Three Dunes'

Toby Poolman

Julia Crabtree and William Evans - 'Untitled'

Gareth Barnett - 'Brut Camp'

Gareth Barnett

Mark Selby - 'Beacon'

Lucy Tomlins - 'Made, Unmade, Remade'

Lucy Tomlins

Christina Mitrentse - 'Beethoven versus Mozart'

Christina Mitrentse

TOWER HAMLETS SPRING OPEN in the Mile End Art Pavilion until Saturday 9th April (2011).