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Top: from A Lab Milano‘s spring/summer 2012 collection (via trendland.com) | Bottom: David Thomas Smith‘s kaleidoscopic photography work (via featureshoot.com)

two of something 2.5 | DOUBLE EXPOSURE PORTRAITS

Top: Christoffer Relander (via thisiscolossal.com) | Bottom: Dan Mountford (via trendland.com)

two of something 2.3 | x-ray photography/fashion (NICK VEASEY + CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN)

Top: photography by Nick Veasey (via culturalblahblah.com) | Bottom: jacket by Christopher Raeburn (via anothermensblog.com)


Set designer Katie Fotis has collaborated with photographer Catherine Losing to produce wonderful imagery using hair scrunchie – the hair accessory, from back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, that many of us would rather forget. A great concept with a bit of humour and nostalgia injected to it – applying the scrunchies to food creates fantastic and rather surrealistic images in a minimalistic kind of way.

Images via themagpie

inspired by JAMES REEVE

Instagram images, inspired by James Reeve‘s latest work titled ‘Lightscapes’. Reeve’s photography works were used as prints for Dries Van Noten‘s SS 2012 collection.

photography: accidental work by VANESSA WINSHIP

Double exposure photography always fascinate me, how the combination of two separate images can create one interesting and surreal photograph. The above work is a fantastic mistake by Vanessa Winship. I love how the two subjects merged but appears to have been photographed as if they were in the same room at the same time. Read the photorapher’s statement about this mistake (via newyorker.com).

photography: RICHARD MOSSE

Found via trendland.net, these fantastically shot images are from Richard Mosse‘s photographic series titled Infra, photographed during his journeys in eastern Congo. The sweet and tasty colouring is the result of a colour infrared film called Kodak Aerochrome.

“Mosse photographed rebel groups of constantly switching allegiances, fighting nomadically in a jungle war zone plagued by frequent ambushes, massacres, and systematic sexual violence.”  – via jackshainman.com


‘architecture of density’ by MICHAEL WOLF

I recently discovered Michael Wolf via a (email) newsletter from Flowers Galleries. The gallery will be exhibiting works of the German photographer from 25 November (2011) until 07 January (2012). Naturally, I looked at his archive and found a series of photographs of high-rise buildings in Hong Kong titled ‘Architecture of Density’, capturing the symmetrical and repetitive aspect of the facade of the buildings. I also love how the buildings look rather dystopian and regimented. Check the rest of the images from this series.

Images via photomichaelwolf.com

photography: DAVID PARFITT

David Parfitt‘s bubble series is just wonderful. Check the rest at trendland.net.

photography: LUCA PIERRO

Luca Pierro‘s self-portrait series (via behance.net) is rather impressive. Using moody and dark lighting, the images are expressive, mysterious and creepy. Also, achieving effects that are both haunting and sombre, with the use of natural elements such as clay, flour and water.