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DRIES VAN NOTEN womenswear AW 2013 | dissection 0.2: FEATHERS



Dries Van Noten‘s embellishments for his womenswear AW 2013 comes in the form of feathers. The brilliant plumage adds femininity to the masculinity of the boyfriend coats and wide-legged trousers. This also adds volume to the straight-cut dresses and a bit of excitement to the relaxed silhouette.


Images via showstudio.com

DRIES VAN NOTEN womenswear AW 2013 | dissection 0.1: LAYERING

Dries Van Noten AW 2013

Dries Van Noten‘s collections, as well all know, are characterised by his use of prints, colours, fabrics and the combination of the masculine and the feminine. Layering is one aspect that is also associated with the brand’s style, which is evident in his collections, season after season. For AW 2013, tiered pieces cleverly multiplied its layering effect, in the form of long tiered skirts, dresses and skirted trousers, giving the silhouette shape and structure.

Dries Van Noten AW 2013Dries Van Noten AW 2013 Dries Van Noten AW 2013 Dries Van Noten AW 2013 Dries Van Noten AW 2013 Dries Van Noten AW 2013 

Images via showstudio.com


selection: YOHJI YAMAMOTO menswear AW 2013


Don’t let the faux mustache and facial hair distract you, Yohji Yamamoto‘s menswear AW 2013 collection is fun yet very smart. It features men in kilts and long skirts in dark colour palette, which is something he has done before. As always, loose tailoring is evident in the collection as well as the baggy cropped trousers. It also includes oversized knitwear and aprons, which I think is great for menswear layering.


Images via showstudio.com

aggressive looks, a bit of campness and whimsical prints @ THOM BROWNE a/w 2012

Aggressive and goth-like American sportsmen along with slightly camp-coloured pieces, complete with whimsical prints. Experimental and highly stylised with a sense of humour, Thom Browne‘s a/w 2012 collection also consists of long skirts, mid-riff baring tops, exaggerated shoulders and cropped trousers.

Images via thefashionisto.com




Look 1 - Desdemona coat + Damita scarf

INSPIRATION: The tragic story of Medusa and the psychological anger she represents.

STYLE: Medusa is a change in direction for the brand. Eugene Lin is going for a slightly tougher and visceral feel as a contrast to the signature cut and drape. Definitely more showstopper.

SILHOUETTE: slim, sophisticated and sensuous.

COLOURS/FABRIC CHOICE: Chocolate brown, black and emerald green in herringbone suiting, embossed leather and silk jersey. The new collection features stunning engineered digital prints.

Look 2 - Darcelle coat + Daphane scarf + Daelyn trouser

Look 8 - Diane top + Delores skirt

Look 12 - Demi dress + Daryl leggings

Look 14 - Dahlia dress