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baggy shirts and jackets by JUERGEN BERTSCH

Interesting pieces from Juergen Bertsch’s menswear (MA) collection (from London College of Fashion), which consist of oversized shirts with displaced sleeves and halved jackets.

Images via notjustalabel.com

menswear collection based on blindness by KEIKO KIDA

This collection got my attention, not because of the men in skirts but the actual idea of it. Keiko Kida, an MA graduate from London College of Fashion created a menswear collection based on blindness. Not only it is conceptual but the pieces are also wearable and stylish. It includes wide-legged trousers, cropped jacket, asymmetrical coat with a funnel sleeve and an interesting pair of hybrid shoes.

Images via notjustalabel.com

men in skirts by TINA ELISABETH REITER

Being obsessed with men in skirts and feminine menswear fashion, I found Tina Elisabeth Reiter‘s gender-breaking looks rather exciting. Along with the long pleated skirts, her MA collection – titled ‘THE SOUND OF HOMELESS(NESS)’ – consists of loose-fitting pieces, which include a shirt and a blazer with ruched bell-shaped sleeves.

Images via Showtime @ London College of Fashion