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two of something 2.1 | rainbow art (GABRIEL DAWE + SEBASTIAN WICKEROTH)

Top: art installation by Gabriel Dawe (via itsnicethat.com) | Bottom: abstract felt-tip art by Sebastian Wickeroth (via itsnicethat.com)

two of something 1.7 | web installation (LYGIA PAPE + DRIES VAN NOTEN)

Top: Ttéia (“Web”) by Lygia Pape via lygiapape.org.br | Bottom: Dries Van Noten AW 2011 window at Modepaleis (Antwerp) via driesvannotenfr.blogspot.co.uk 

art: 16 m by LOS CARPINTEROS

The tunnel-like hole destructs the consistency and calmness of the methodical and orderly hanged garments. Extraordinary work by Los Carpinteros (via peterkilchmann.com)


Michaelangelo Pistolleto created a maze-like structure (in The Mirror of Judgement) in the gallery with swirling cardboard, which surrounds or encases (depends on how you look at it) mirrored artworks.

This year, Peter Zumthor designed a slightly different space (from the previous ones). Using plants, the architect managed to create a place that is tranquil, organic and beautiful, which, in a way, is like an extension of the park or something that already belongs to the park (Kensington Gardens).


Lorna Pridmore - 'Untitled'

Lorna Pridmore

Mark Selby - Listen To Me

Mark Selby

Julia Crabtree and William Evans - 'Untitled'

Lee Holden - 'Untitled'

Toby Poolman - 'Three Dunes'

Toby Poolman

Julia Crabtree and William Evans - 'Untitled'

Gareth Barnett - 'Brut Camp'

Gareth Barnett

Mark Selby - 'Beacon'

Lucy Tomlins - 'Made, Unmade, Remade'

Lucy Tomlins

Christina Mitrentse - 'Beethoven versus Mozart'

Christina Mitrentse

TOWER HAMLETS SPRING OPEN in the Mile End Art Pavilion until Saturday 9th April (2011).

Mike Nelson @ Tate Britain

The Coral Reef by Mike Nelson @ Tate Britain


Anish Kapoor seems to love the colours red and yellow as it is evident in his fantastic exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, featuring a red block of wax, which slowly travels back and forth the gallery, sliding silently under the arches.


Perplexing and amazing, a dizzying experience at Anish Kapoor‘s exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. A room filled with reflective sculptures  disorientating the viewers.


cheeky monkeys

Jeff Koons | Popeye Series

Objects such as chair, ladder and kitchenware together with bamboozling inflatable toys made out of aluminium. Genius artworks and a marvelous exhibition by Jeff Koons at the Serpentine Gallery.