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dervinBATARLO @ Living Room (charity auction)

The above dervinBATARLO original mixed media collage art have been donated for Living Room charity auction in Atlanta. The organisation provides housing services to people and families living with HIV/AIDS. I do hope it sells despite the evidence of the work being rushed. I wish I could’ve added more acrylic paint and quink ink. I definitely need to experiment more with different methods of painting.

Please visit facebook.com/dervinbatarlocollage to see more of my collage art or you can follow @dervinbatarlo on Instagram.

dervinBATARLO #collage @ Collagistes Collective #YouTube channel

dervin batarlo collage

SKIN 2.9 / “WORLD’S HOTTEST MATHS TEACHER” ‪#‎PietroBoselli‬ is featured in a video clip produced for Collagistes Collective ‪#YouTube‬ channel. Watch it then share it – http://youtu.be/VrrO5cGAdp4

analogue ‪#‎collage‬ by DERVIN BATARLO
INSTAGRAM @dervinbatarlo
FB : www.facebook.com/dervinbatarlocollage
TUMBLR : http://dervinbatarlocollage.tumblr.com
WWW : http://dervinbatarlo.wix.com/collage

dervinBATARLO #collage @ El Ciudadano

dervinBATARLO collage

I’m delighted for the above (dervinBATARLO) collage art to be featured in El Ciudadano (Chilean newspaper), thanks to the amazing journalist Lucio V Pinedo. Please click the link below to see the article (in Spanish) and some of my recent collage artworks…and don’t forget to share.


Once you’ve seen the article, why not head to www.facebook.com/dervinbatarlocollage or check my Instagram gallery – @dervinbatarlo


dervinBATARLO missingselfie6

More of a fun take rather than a rebellious action against the sea of ‘selfies’ that is currently flooding all forms of social networking sites these days. After all, the artist himself loves a selfie. 

dervinBATARLO missingselfie5dervinBATARLO missingselfie2

Browse through his collection of Instagram pics for more ‘missing selfies’ or check his collage/decollage Tumblr page.

two of something 5.7 | dervinbatarlocollage.tumblr.com


Collage work in progress; HYDEE (top) + SEVEN #1 (bottom) | http://dervinbatarlocollage.tumblr.com 

Instagram pics from anotherinstagramer.tumblr.com



Instagram pics from anotherinstagramer.tumblr.com

two of something 5.6 | scrapbooks @ ICA



Top: pages from Jimmy De Sana’s scrapbook | Bottom: John Evans’ scrapbook

Both from the “Paperwork: A Brief History of Artists’ Scrapbooks” exhibition @ ICA 

Instagram pics from anotherinstagramer.tumblr.com