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Ideas for the collection’s colour range. In addition to the dark red textured fabric I have purchased, I’m considering teaming it with black and gray or brown. Hopefully, it’ll turn out ok.



Some ideas for the Diesel competition project, inspired by the strangeness and complexities of love, The Lady of Shalott and Rogue (X-Men).



Starting afresh with my toile (and my concept) for next week’s review. The idea of ‘The Butterfly Effect’ has been substituted with ‘morphogenesis’ – evolution of the structure of the body through mutated forms, geometry and organic objects.


Inspiration: Prints

Colours, layering and abstractionism are some of the elements I will be using for the River Island Menswear/Print competition, which is based on evolution through death and time.


Conflicting Loyalties

Conflicting Loyalties

Fallen Seraph

Fallen Seraph

Vantage Point

Vantage Point

Three themes for the final collection, created using the ‘summer research’ drawing inspirations from space travel, military, religious habits, Tudor, aerial maps and anatomy. No definite concept yet, so, watch this space.