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dervinBATARLO collage @ LittleJoeLittle

Thanks LittleJoeLittle for the blog post. Please visit littlejoelittle.blogspot.co.uk to see the rest of my collage artworks included in the post. You can see more of my analogue collage art at www.facebook.com/dervinbatarlocollage or you can find me on Instagram – @dervinbatarlo


Happy Easter by Dervin BatarloBusy laying eggs for Easter.

Visit www.facebook.com/dervinbatarlocollage or http://dervinbatarlo.wix.com/collage to see more of my collage artworks. You can also find me on Instagram @dervinbatarlo

two of something 5.9| dervinBATARLO collage

dervinBATARLO collage