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faded reality

Inspiring work by Paul Graham, which is now being exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery until 19 June. I especially love his American Night series, which includes the three images above. The washed-out images have been cleverly printed, giving the viewers a sense of gloominess. It also seems to inform the viewers that the reality is fading. If you look closely, you will notice that the locations are deserted, with the exception of one person, presenting its depressing mood in a post-apocalyptic kind of way.

All images were grabbed from Globevisions.com. Click HERE to view the original post.

Damián Ortega: The Independent

Immigrant Song (30 August 2010) - Damian Ortega

Head to the Barbican Centre to see Damian Ortega’s new works for The Curve. Interestingly conceptual, the artist created new works in response to aspects of daily news (for a 30-day period from 20 August through to 27 September 2010). His sculptures were accompanied by newspaper articles (pinned to the wall), which he used as inspirations . The free exhibition is open until 16 January (2011).


HUNG @ The Horse Hospital

HUNG @ The Horse Hospital, curated by Stuart Sandford.

RHIZOMATIC @ Departure Gallery

RHIZOMATIC @ Departure Gallery, including London-based artist Lorna Pridmore.

Mike Nelson @ Tate Britain

The Coral Reef by Mike Nelson @ Tate Britain

Ernesto Neto (Hayward Gallery)

Whimsical and colourful installation by Ernesto Neto, titled ‘The Edges of the World’ at the Hayward Gallery.



A gigantic structure, resembling a shipping container, erected in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern. An interesting work from Miroslaw Balka, which plays with the viewers’ fear of the dark.


Anish Kapoor seems to love the colours red and yellow as it is evident in his fantastic exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, featuring a red block of wax, which slowly travels back and forth the gallery, sliding silently under the arches.


Perplexing and amazing, a dizzying experience at Anish Kapoor‘s exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. A room filled with reflective sculptures  disorientating the viewers.