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incommodious sleeve

first review toile

Oversize yet restricted. Colossal yet no room for arm movement. First review toile, which dictates the look of the final collection.



Starting afresh with my toile (and my concept) for next week’s review. The idea of ‘The Butterfly Effect’ has been substituted with ‘morphogenesis’ – evolution of the structure of the body through mutated forms, geometry and organic objects.



Preliminary work towards my first toile review (in two weeks time). Watch this space. Also, after few days of deliberation, a definite concept for the final collection has been made based on ‘The Butterfly Effect’ theory.


serpentine pavilion

Erected outside the Serpentine Gallery until 18 October (this year), Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA designed this year’s ‘Pavilion’. An aluminium beauty, which floats and merges with the surroundings.