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Entered a competition at OwnLabel.com. Designers – check it out, submit your designs and vote!

review 3

vivid chaos

Vivid and rich plus beautiful chaos. A rather gay design for River Island (menswear) but I’m sure there’s someone out there who would wear the above.

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hand warmer

"a must-have for winter...so long winter gloves"

Not exactly sure what happened to the initial design of my cocoon skirt but I ended up with an ideal garment for winter. No need to buy a pair of gloves. Money problem?! Solved!


cocoon jacket

A paper cocoon-like structure coming to life for my second toile review. Unfortunately, the bottom half/skirt will not be ready on time.




New toile for next week’s review, conveying distortion and mutability of one’s body structure.


River Island print project

A collage and a little preview from the River Island Menswear Prints project/competition, showing the print, preliminary designs, and fresh colour palette for Summer 2010.

incommodious sleeve

first review toile

Oversize yet restricted. Colossal yet no room for arm movement. First review toile, which dictates the look of the final collection.



Starting afresh with my toile (and my concept) for next week’s review. The idea of ‘The Butterfly Effect’ has been substituted with ‘morphogenesis’ – evolution of the structure of the body through mutated forms, geometry and organic objects.



Preliminary work towards my first toile review (in two weeks time). Watch this space. Also, after few days of deliberation, a definite concept for the final collection has been made based on ‘The Butterfly Effect’ theory.