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COOL CHLOE SERIES (in progress) | dervinbatarlocollage.tumblr.com

Currently in progress, below are few Instagram images from the ‘COOL CHLOE’ collage series.

Visit dervinbatarlocollage.tumblr.com for more collage artworks.

dervinBATARLO_cool_chloedervinBATARLO_cool_chloe2 dervinBATARLO_cool_chloe1 dervinBATARLO_cool_chloe3


dervinBATARLO missingselfie6

More of a fun take rather than a rebellious action against the sea of ‘selfies’ that is currently flooding all forms of social networking sites these days. After all, the artist himself loves a selfie. 

dervinBATARLO missingselfie5dervinBATARLO missingselfie2

Browse through his collection of Instagram pics for more ‘missing selfies’ or check his collage/decollage Tumblr page.

two of something 5.7 | dervinbatarlocollage.tumblr.com


Collage work in progress; HYDEE (top) + SEVEN #1 (bottom) | http://dervinbatarlocollage.tumblr.com 

Instagram pics from anotherinstagramer.tumblr.com

two of something 5.6 | scrapbooks @ ICA



Top: pages from Jimmy De Sana’s scrapbook | Bottom: John Evans’ scrapbook

Both from the “Paperwork: A Brief History of Artists’ Scrapbooks” exhibition @ ICA 

Instagram pics from anotherinstagramer.tumblr.com