colours @ EGG

egg | 36 kinnerton street, london, sw1x 8es | 020 7235 9315 |


2 responses to “colours @ EGG

  1. Elisabeth Pyott

    In British Country Living magazine August 2010 edition, Linda Coggin, garden designer and writer wore an Egg design jacket which is the most beautiful jacket I have ever seen. It appeared to be made of cotton fabric and had 3/4 length sleeves which were edged in a double frill. The jacket came to just past the waist and was made out of different floral/pretty fabrics which all went together. The hemline was a double pleated frill the same as the finish on the sleeves. Would you have any of these jackets left for purchase in a large or extra large size. Even if you had a smaller one – it would encourage me to lose weight and I would wear it with pride. Could you please let me know if you have any for purchase and what the cost would be. I haven’t seen anything like this in Australia and I think if you exported to Australian you would have an instant market. Thanking you in anticipation of your reply. Lis

    • Dervin Batarlo

      Thanks for the comment Lis. I don’t work for EGG but I have emailed you their contact details. You will also find these details at the end of my post. Good luck. I hope they still have the mentioned jacket in stock.


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