I found out weeks ago  that I belong in the Edenite tribe (as opposed to the Babylonian side) in the Secret Garden festival. I’m not much of a festival-goer so I ignored the fact that I need to think of what my costume would be like. After exchanging messages, images and ideas with my friends, I swiftly Photoshopped an illustration of what I want to wear, which you’ll see below (yes, the illustration is not that great but it will do). I’m thinking gold pants/shorts, velvet-y cape with lots of fruits and foliage, plus a fruit and ivy-clad wreath for my head. Go ahead, laugh as I can’t help but to laugh myself as it’s going to be weird but I think I’ll be able to pull it off. Just you wait and see. Actually, I may have to think about getting my body toned first as I may have to show some flesh if I want to pull this off.

"gold knee pads - not needed"

"gold knee pads - not needed"


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